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Scuba Diving Courses

Learn to scuba dive with one of Nudi Divers' world-class scuba diving courses


Nudi Scuba Course

All that you will have to do is pitch up for the course and enjoy the experience which includes:

Tuesdays to Thursdays held after hours.
**  Over 2 weekends. 
Only 4 people at a time on the specific date
All Hard Gear and Wetsuit Rental for the duration of the course

Scuba dive special
Naui Scuba Diver Course


Basic Scuba Course

There are specific dates for this course. 
With our beginners course, we work around the speed of the student to make triple sure that the student understands the specific skill and is comfortable before carrying on.  We have all day!

* Held at night at the convenience of the participants
** At Miracle Waters over two days on the weekend

The difference between

Basic Scuba Course VS Nudi Scuba Course

Nudi Divers offers a Basic scuba course, which is equivalent to our competitors’ Standard courses.

In the Basic course, you’ll complete just 4 x dives to qualify, all at a lower cost and within 1 week.

Our Nudi Scuba Course is priced similarly to competitors’ basic courses, but we take it a step further. Instead of 4 dives, we offer 8 x dives over 2 weeks. This extended time with the dive master ensures you master breathing, buoyancy, and any other areas you’re not confident in yet.

Many competitors may suggest a buoyancy course post-certification, costing as much as our entire scuba course. But why spend extra when we cover it all from the start?

We're all about getting it right the first time.


Nudi Advanced Course

You can join the Advanced Course after you have finished your beginner’s course. 

The cut off  for recreational diving is  40 meters.  With the Naui Advanced Course you will be able to dive to 40 meters.

The Advanced course is designed to introduce you to all sorts of specialty courses like:

After completing your Advanced Course with Nudi Divers, you can choose which Specialty Course you would like to pursue.

There are 3 required dives:

Advanced Scuba Course
Advanced Scuba Course

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is excluded from this price?

 Your travel costs and entrance fee to Miracle Waters (currently R180 a day per person), so add R360 to the course price.

Where do I rent the gear I need?

Nudi Divers has its own full range of high-quality gear available on site at headquarters in Centurion, Pretoria, which means you can simply get everything from us. Because we import and brand our own gear, we are also able to offer you an entry-level soft-gear package .5mm Wetsuit, snorkel, fins, mask and weight belt at an unbeatable price