Nudi Divers

About Nudi Divers

The name Nudi Divers was inspired by little sea creatures called a NudiBranch.

Why dive with Nudi Divers

We take dive safety very serious. But that doesn’t mean that we do not know how to have fun. We try to put as much fun in diving as possible without putting our students at risk.

About Nudi Divers

About Nudi Divers

We are one of the oldest Dive Schools, situated in Centurion, with have a bunch of highly qualified instructors.

We have a unique outlook on diving that not all the dive schools have. All the instructors are Freelance. Which means that each and every one is doing it for the love of teaching Scuba Diving.

We don’t run an expensive shop which means we can charge a lot less for our courses. Most of our training is after hours and on weekends. We try to work around the student’s schedule.

With our beginners course we work around the speed of the student. If a student is having difficulties with one specific skills, we take our time to make triple sure that the student understands the specific skill and is comfortable before carrying on. That is one of the advantages of working with our own pool. We have all day!

We also keep our groups small to ensure that the students get all the attention from the specific instructor.

During the qualifying dives the student does 5 open water dives inland over a period of two days.

The students that have finished the open water course are encouraged to came along and dive with the new students. That way everybody gets to know each other and the previously qualified students remain in practice.

Nudi Divers does regular trips and we will keep you informed about our next adventure!

Nudi Divers has also launched its own brand of very high quality soft gear at very reasonable prices. Insuring that everybody gets a great deal.